Karnehm & Hillman Full size snooker table from attic to new location 10 mile away

The last two days we have been dismantling a full size Karnehm and Hillman snooker table  from a large Victorian type house in the Park Nottingham to a small village called Widmerpool some 10 mile away .
unfortunately  my camera battery had ran out for the first part of the move , we had to dismantle the table and take the 5 heavy slates down the first part of the stairs , this was a dog legged steep stair case with very little room for 4 men and the slate .
the second set of stairs was accessed through another part of the building through a rented out flat , this stair case was much wider but had 4 turns in it , this proved just as hard an operation as the not so wide staircase , in fact in terms of difficulty , in 38 years of fitting this one will score in the top 5 worst jobs for getting a table out of a house.
it took us over two hours just to get the slate’s down stairs and onto the van .
we then  wrapped all the wood work up in blankets loaded these on and then transported it the short distance to the new location in Widmerpool which was an old Barn conversion .
We then reassembled the frame and levelled it , the slates where then placed on top , and fine level adjustments made , the joints where sealed with car body filler and slates slightly sanded in so it became one faultless bed of slate with slate linings attached ready for the next stage the following day .
the following day it was decided they would go with the original faded cloth , and maybe have a re-cover after Christmas .
The one surprise was that the table cost the new owner Nothing apart from our fees for moving transporting and erecting  , the previous owner tried to sell the table , but because of it’s double upstairs location finding a new owner proved impossible .
GCL Billiards where not afraid to quote for such a hard removal , we are specialists having the right equipment such as  a slate slide and piano trolleys to make life so much easier when dealing with such heavy objects. the customer did provide two good men though to reduce costs .
k&hillman park to wid k7 hillman park to wid leg photo

This is the Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham model with tulip shaped legs in mahogany and scrolls in the frame work , the thing that stands out with all K&H tables is they have buttons on the cushions and frame where most modern tables have a slide , they are a very well respected table .
the above photo’s are of the table in it’s new location , all the furniture and plants have yet to be moved , the owner is putting 4 large chandeliers above and between those roof A frames .