Just got back from Portugal , 10ft Buckingham Karnehm and Hillamn Snooker table fitted

Just had a very nice trip out to Portugal to fit a clients 10ft snooker table
The table was from another client of mine who lived in Bristol , he wished to sell and I advised him to put it up for sale on my web site .
My Client in Portugal spotted the advert as soon as it was listed and moved very swiftly to purchase and arrange for the table to be delivered to his business in the UK ready to ship out to Portugal.
10ft K&H paul bristol 2
the 10ft Karnehm and hillman  in our selling clients home near Bristol which was two floors up.
pallaetized 10ft K&H being strapped
The 10ft after collection from Bristol to a UK warehouse  depot on a pallet and bubble wrapped and strapped ready for transport
the 10ft Snooker table installed in the basement of our client in Portugal
this model of table is called the Buckingham by Karnehm and Hillman
I had the pleasure of staying with our client in Portugal at this very nice Home.
If you have a Holiday home or even if you live in France Spain or Portugal , then please get in touch with GCL billiards for any Cue sport table inquiries .