Ivanhoe Social club , Re-stretch bed cloths after 12 months use on snooker tables .

This past two days I have spent at the Ivanhoe social club in Ashby de la zouch .
I was asked to come back and re-stretch the 5 snooker tables that I re-covered last year .
and to attend to a set of leathers and use a few older leathers that where good on other tables and replace some nets .

cushions off then take out tacks to re-stretch the bed cloths

during the stretching , I use a line to guide me to keep the spots in center of table .
this keeps an even re-stretch and also helps with marking out for new Baulk line and D plus spots .

one thing I like to point out to anyone asking for these metal type ball rails .
when balls fall down on the ring they split the nets easy , this net was replaced only 12 months ago yet it has split open
there is a solution to stop this happening .

Plastic rails are much better for the nets , a ball falling down is not trapping and hitting the net against a hard metal edge so the nets last much longer .
and a reason why most Snooker clubs have these plastic rails fitted rather than the metal ones .
it costs around £55 to change a set of nets , if they wear out every year then that is an extra £55 per table .
3 of these 5 tables have these plastic rails it is not often that I need to change a net on these three tables yet the other two do have problems with the metal rails splitting nets .
I will be advising a new set of rails for the other two tables on the next re-cover .

Leathers though do take some hammer , and require more attention than nets .
this table above with new leathers  is the most used and I am always changing the leathers on this table more so than any of the other 4 tables in the club .
I have been putting some tape padding on the brass pocket plate under the leather to try and make them last a bit longer before splitting but it is just more use on this table than any other that wears them out quicker .
once a leather has split and the brass edge is showing they damage the balls , and with good balls starting at around £120 per set you do not want to have to have the extra cost of replacement of Balls every year .
Ivan who now looks after the tables and took over from Alan , is doing a very good job of keeping the tables clean , and reports of any leather or net wear so that it is taken care of at re-cover or re-stretch time and not left to damage balls .
In fact the Ivanhoe club has always looked after their tables , and is one of the top clubs that I visit that the tables are not covered in dust and the nap fluff balling up through lack of maintenance .
out of the hundreds of Clubs that I visit , and I rate the Ivanhoe in the top ten for looking after their tables , and the snooker players of Ashby and surrounding district would be troubled to find a better club or venue to play snooker .

all 5 tables re-stretched bed cloths and ready to play
Where would you find a social club with 5 tables like these to play on .
all Riley Imperial tables and  2 inch thick welsh slated tables with modern Aristocrat wood cushions .
and high comfy padded seating around the room ,and modern High frequency white lighting .
anyone interested in joining this club call 01530 412438 . it is based just behind the car wash on Wilfreds Place LE65 2GW
it is Ashby de la zouch’s best kept secret !