Interesting Historic Match played billiard table full size for sale . Circa November 1906

This full sized Billiard table is based in the North East  of England
it has a very interesting plaque and an accompanying autographed by C Dawson photo .
the table was manufactured by Birmingham based Padmore’s .  ( now part of the Thurston / Clare group of companies based in Liverpool )
on one end there is  a plaque commemorating a Billiards 9000 up exhibition match between H W STEVENSON and C DAWSON in NOVEMBER 1906

you may also note Henry Murton billiard table maker plaque , on frame , this was put on when the cushions where remodeled a few years later .

A signed C Dawson autograph is also included along with this photo of the two players .

The faded Henry Murton of Newcastle , cushion modifying plaque on the other end of the table .

A nice round reeded globe leg , with lion head knee panels and a lion head in the centre of each slide in cushion panel .

Above shot of cloth condition , looks like it had a recent recover not long ago .
but maybe nets and leathers could do with upgrading .
maybe returning to billiard bag nets if someone wanted to make it how it was in the day of 1906 .

lions head in each knee panel
The table looks like it could do with a total re polishing to bring back up to a good playing order , maybe new rubber and re cloth and bag nets .
this table would make a great table for someone who is into historic Billiard / snooker  collectibles .
it is one of those tables that should not be scrapped or recycled because of the historic interest .
With many tables going down that route of re-cycling , it would be a crime to send this the same way , so our clients are willing to listen to very reasonable offers for the table ,
the table belongs to a Parish council , so as you would expect the money would come in handy for them to use around the borough for good causes .
please contact Geoff at GCL billiards , he will put you in touch with the person in charge of selling the table , and guide you to a price to offer that is fair to both parties .
this is a good opportunity to pick up a table with good history provenance at a low reasonable price.
I will be asking Peter Ainsworth a local Billiards Historian here in the UK , for his views and if he can shed any light on the history of the billiards match played on this table  , I am sure he will have it logged down somewhere .
things like
DAY  date and Time , prize money and attendance figures , maybe it was UK tour ,of these billiard players , also history of the players themselves , and who reffed the match ?