Install Full size Burroughs and watts table in basement in Croydon South London with 2.5 inch thick slate bed .

We have completed a very painful installation in Croydon South London of which  two visit’s was required to complete the work !
This table used to belong to an old client of mine Mr smith who had passed away and his Widow had sold it to my new client Adrian in Croydon .
This table is a very special table in that it was the Robsteve model billiard table of 1911 which was a facsimile ( exact copy ) of the Billiard table as used in the Roberts Steven’s billiards final of 1905 at Caxton Hall .
Burroughs and watts went on to make very few of these tables and they are very scarce , and you do not come across them often , they have unusual 2.5 inch thick slates when the norm would be 2 inch slates , Roberts insisted on this spec of extra thick slate .

this is a photo before I dismantled it for my new client Adrian , who purchased it from my old client Mrs Smith  and was removed from a property in the grounds of Litchfield cathedral .
as you can see it was in very good condition apart from it requiring new rubber and and a re-cover in Strachan 6811 tournament cloth .
I found it very hard to load this table with just two of us and we had to bring it down some steps to the van , I was overloaded for the short trip back to Nottingham , and becuase of this i had to get Adrian to come up with another van to collect the table .
Part two of the deal was to go down to Croydon to install in Adrian’s Bungalow .
Now this is where it got tricky , Adrian had underpinned his bungalow and dug out for an entire basement to be built under the foundations of the old Bungalow , this was the whole floor which comprised of two new Bedrooms and the new Snooker room , with an upstairs loft conversion I was told it was the only three story Bungalow in South London !
Digital Camera 182
Unloading some of the woodwork from my van , Adrian had already picked up the slates and part of the woodwork
this table was one that my van would be overloaded so best do things legally , and use two vans to transport it .
the slates where going to be man handled down a slope of boards , but after accessing the dangers of this I called it off and asked Adrian to get a Crane in , a builders lorry was used with HI HAB crane on it , they used straps and gently lifted each slate in the air and lowered it onto the boards and slid them down useing hydraulics , this light pit is 8ft deep , if we could not hold the weight back then the two people at the bottom would be in Hospital or a morgue  .
The risk was just not worth it , and Adrian had waited two years for this table so another week or so was not going to be a problem and we managed to pull the work back in when I was down that way two weeks later.
In fact that weekend I dismantled a table and set it up in one day in Essex , then onto Adrian’s who had got the slate on the frame to finish this table off by 9.30 pm , then slept over at Adrians , and on way back called into Windsor to pick up a full size Karnehm and hilman table to bring back to Nottingham .
Digital Camera 193
I had set the table frame up and leveled it ready for the slate to go on , and left Adrian a piano trolley to get the slates onto the table .
Digital Camera 196
the slate positioned and level and filled in on the slate joints ready for sanding smooth as one bed .
Digital Camera 198
as you can see this is extremely thick slate bed .
Digital Camera 204
Myself fitting the wood cushion frieze over the steel cushions .
Digital Camera 206
an imposing table made from the finest Cuban mahogany with thick chunky legs and steel cushions , this was the Rolls Royce of tables in 1911 .
Digital Camera 207s
the finished table , all that Adrian has to do now is fit some decent lighting .
as the spot lights do not work very well , I have instructed him to get the twin tube office lighting
High frequency and twin whit light tubes , two units 1.5 metres long end to end will come out at 10 foot lighting
like these examples .
derby f new lights
cox & yeman lightslog cabin lights fitted
We got there in the end Adrian was very pleased that he finally got the table he bought two years ago set up in his dream Snooker room .
We do not often have to walk away from an installation , but the risk of injury could not be ignored .