Indian Carom Game …an enquiry ?

Today I had an email asking what type of table is this and had I seen one before
moden indiam Carom table
Now the only type of game I  have seen that is like this is Indian carom , which is played with pucks in place of balls , I think this is a ball version of that game being 3ft by 3ft .
the Original puck type Indian carom table is a bit smaller
indian carom table eaby
apparently you have to put a powder on the board to make the pucks travel and glide with ease .
as can be seen a board with four pockets or holes at each corner and a star in the centre , I have seen one of these in a house where I was recovering a 7ft table ,
they used a small mace stick to push the pucks ,

although I think you can use your hand to flick the puck too .
I thought this maybe of interest to readers of our blog as to unusual board games played like a Pool or snooker table .

Has anyone any information of the larger Ball version of this game in the first photo ?