immaculate fully renovated Vintage 8ft oak Riley Billiard dining table for sale rise and fall type . £2500 BARGAIN .


Priced to sell at just £2500 , which would be half price to what a billiard firm would require for it

the chairs are available as a separate sale by negotiation . but GCL billiard is advertising the Riley diner billiard table only .
you would be speaking to the seller direct so if you are also interested in the chairs then you can negotiate a price for these with the seller .

the table is based in Reading



we have a client who wishes to sell their very nice fully renovated 8ft size Riley diner / billiard table

having the well known and best design billiard diner lifter mechanism ever made .

these solid brass lifters is what makes these tables unique .

the table has been fully renovated and really shows off the 1/4 sawn oak in the table tops .

as you can see unused condition from the photo’s , well maybe the odd game since renovation if that .

the handles swivel out for lifting the table to the playing height ,then repeat at other end ,
once up you can adjust the lifters to level , to lower to dine off simply lift again and gentle lower and repeat at other end .

each wood part carries the unique serial number on Riley billiard diners , especially on the underside of each table section oak top .
the A stands for Accrington , where the Riley factory used to be , the first number is the size of table 8 = 8 foot .
the actual serial number is 1547 .

I have renovated a few of these table in the past and the 8ft one is the most expensive and sought after for a larger house .
makes a great Dining table when you have the family over for Christmas and then afterwards get it ready for a game snooker / pool or billiards .
when you look at top end dining tables on their own you can pay way over £2500 for one that has no Billiard or snooker table to convert to .
or has the solid oak wood .


anyone interested please email us at

we will then put you in touch with the seller .

need it picking up and professionally installed on a ground floor ?
again contact GCL billiards for a quote stating your post code .