Illness and it’s affect on Job’s booked in for january and February

I will be re-booking some of the jobs going into the new year , I am off work at the moment with an illness that is preventing me from working and Driving.
this has meant me cancelling two jobs which have to be fitted back in , and this may mean re juggling some other jobs that have also been booked in .
I am sorry if this effects you , but you cannot take into account illness , it strikes us at anytime , normally I would work through it , but sometimes it is that bad that time has to be taken off .
I will contact anyone who will be affected by this time off work to recover .
if I have not contacted you then the work is still scheduled as booked .
I am on antibiotics and I have been given 7 days of this so hopefully within a few days it will kick in and start working .
I do have work over the weekend and from Monday and I am sure this will not be affected .
it was just two job’s that I had to cancel that is going to be the problem of fitting them back in , I do not like letting anyone down so I am sure if you get a telephone call asking you to reschedule ,
you will understand if the work is not urgent and you can wait a few more days or a couple of weeks for it then I ask you to help me refit the other two job’s back in .