IF PHONE IS NOT ANSWERED , I could be hands on fitting tables or Driving to and from a job .

Please do not dismiss us as firm that do not answer the phone .
I am a single fitter who not only answers the phone for inquiries but has to fit tables , re-cloth and also load and unload .
most of my regular clients know this and leave a message , but just lately I have a lot of phone calls that have been missed .

I get a lot of missed calls during the day , the main reason is I am hands on fitting tables and for some reason or ANOTHER , cannot answer the phone when fitting .
It maybe I am on a tight timescale to finish because the home owner wishes to go somewhere, or I am driving and on a long run, or applying Contact Glue to rubber or cloth on pool tables and this is a stage that I cannot answer the phone.
Even though I am hands free it is a major distraction from driving, especially on A and B roads. If on a motorway and a few junctions to go then I may answer the phone.
Please leave a message or text , and when I am home in the evening I will contact you , or maybe the next day .
Covid is now having the opposite effect to when it first struck ,

last march we came to a standstill , no work for three months then a trickle of job’s came in mainly from private households
the odd table sale  , but mainly no work coming in at all for the next three to six months , in total around 10 months of slow traffic of work coming in , THEN BOOM !

Then as more lockdowns became the norm , people started to have home bars , garage conversions , even extensions built as the building trade where allowed to carry on as normal
the rest of the Country had to stay at home .
once these rooms where converted or built , then came the rush , tables to be found and relocated , work like re-rubber and re-cloth .
to the point that I am now fully booked out until end of April , no possibility of cancelations or trying to fit anymore work in .
and we are away in May on Holiday in Devon , plus I have some Home alterations to do myself , so we are not available during MAY .
I am passing work on to a few guys I know in the trade who I trust .
But if you wish to wait until June for your tables to be worked on then please leave a message .
it is only going to get busier as the clubs and pubs re open , I have around 12 pool tables to put back in on site or recommission for pool rentals too
which I have to fit in , between jobs .

One of my pool table rental sites in Beeston Nottingham .