Highly carved solid Oak snooker table, sensible offers for this craftsmen made table with Burroughs and watts steel cushions.

I have a client who has recently bought this table as an investment and would maybe sell to the right offer .
the table is very highly carved type and was manufactured around the 1880s , it has thin 1 inch slate bed with thick slate linings
The cushions have been converted to take Steel block conversion, and I must say this has been done in a very professional manner
the carved mouldings of the old cushions having been joined onto modern frieze surrounds to fit the backs of steel cushions.
Jimmy white has played on this Table , and it has recently had the cushions re-rubbered and re-blocked .
the table was once owned by the Nestle chocolate Factory in York and is well known around the Billiards firms for being a superb piece of carved craftsmanship .
Before Nestle bought the tbale , it used based in a large Retirement home in Scarborough , I do not know the History before this , but this table would have been made for a large country estate Home or wealthy Businessmen around the 1870/80s
Goole carved table thick linings thin slate
the thin one inch slate dates to around 1880 it is in 5 sections , most tables of this circa had thin slates , it was horse and carts and trains moving them in those days not trucks .
you have to get to the mid to late 1890s to find thicker slate being used as motorised transport became the norm .
at some time in the past the table went through an upgrade to Modern steel cushions by Burroughes and watts which they invented around 1895/6
I think the table must have had that upgrade around the 1910 /1920s , but it could have been later , this table would have had standard cushions with billiard top plate pockets when first manufactured . and the cushion conversion was done very professionally , I can see where they have done this work because of my trained eye but to anyone not used to spotting this would think the steel cushions where original , taking the original carved moulding and splicing it onto the new cushions took some working out . many old billiard tables had Burroughes and Watts steel cushion  upgrades over the years . I have not seen a better conversion than this .
note the thick tack wood liners this makes the slate look a lot thicker once the cloth is on
I must say the slate is in first class order , the joints are almost faultless with just the odd chip out that has been filled correctly .
Goole carved table top side view
a view from one end showing steel cushions fitted , the whole side of frame cushion surround and edge of upper cushions plus the legs are highly carved
Tables like this sell at Hamiltons and Sir william Bentley billiards in the high thousands , our client would sell for similar offers for this one off table .
If you are serious buyer then I can put you in direct contact with the seller .
goole carved table van in background closed doors
this full; size highly carved snooker table is located in Goole ( East Riding of Yorkshire ) in a large extension to the rear of our clients property .
He is also having a separate room built for it at a later date , if he gets the right offer he will just buy a standard type modern table to play on to replace it ,
he may even be interested in a part exchange if your table is of good condition and of quality manufacture ?
he is not a serious player or billiards collector and he bought this table as an investment because he liked it  , as I said if he gets the right offer he may be tempted to sell
all I can say is try and find another like this .
goole carved leg
the leg design , my client is going to wax the legs up to bring more detail out , they are rather dusty at the moment. ~
Goole part of the carved side moulding
just a small part of the carving , the only flat part of this table is the upper cushion cappings where you rest your hand to play , every other part is carved woodwork .
it really is a piece of craftsmanship .
Goole a much better photo showing more detail in the light .
a much better photo showing more detail from the window side of the room . you may note the original carved knee panels are missing and the tbale has plain knee panels fitted , our client is looking into having some made for this table to match the carvings .
if anyone is interested in this table please contact Geoff at GCL billiards with your offer
and I will pass this onto the owner in Goole in the East Riding of Yorkshire .