Highly Carved Billiards table for sale circa pre 1895 . Located near Goole . Looks like an Oak table ?

We have a client who wishes to sell their highly carved billiard table
this table is styled in the Gothic style
this table was manufactured during Queen Victoria’s reign . From the photo’s we cannot be sure what wood it is made from

it could be Oak / Walnut or light medium stain mahogany ?
heavy carved table end panel damage
As you can see from these photo’s there are parts of the table carving missing the centre end panel in this photo plus one mitre piece on the left panel
heavy carved table from above
a view from above the table looks like a plain panel has been slid into this side cushion unless it is back to front ?
heavy carved table ornate pocket plate brass
Gothic moulded style brass top plates , with it having top plates this dates the table manufacture before 1895 when top plates where styled out for the new concealed fixed pocket plates showing no brass at all on the top capping surround.
heavy carved table other damaged end

the other end to the table shows more missing parts to the carving , one of the vertical columns is missing tot he right of the centre panel
this frame skirt has it’s centre panel so you could copy this to insert in the other end ,and also make a new vertical column
the table is going to take some time and effort to get back to having all the missing parts re-carved and replaced , there are carved parts missing to the side skirts too .
heavy carved table side damage 1
a view of the side frame skirt showing even more of those vertical columns missing .
I would recommend a viewing to see exactly the work involved to put this table back into good cosmetic order .
The manufacturer of this table is a mystery to me , but I strongly suspect it to be an Orme & Sons of Manchester although the other major Billiard firms of the day cannot be ruled out , it has a Thurston re-rubber badge on one end slide in cushion panel
Orme and Sons where well known for producing highly carved tables in Oak .
heavy carved table aide damage 2
Even more vertical columns missing
I suspect the table once repaired and re-polished , will require a re-rubber and re-cover and maybe new nets and leathers plus rails , although originally this table would have had Bag nets with a tassel .
the table is located in Goole in the East riding of Yorkshire  , and I think it is a worthwhile renovation project , if you had the work done by a professional table restorer who could make the new carved panels and missing columns , then it will be pricy , but if you are good at woodwork renovation , and could look upon this table as a working Home restoration , then I am confident a good DIY restorer could do the table on a Budget , although I would recommend the moving of the table and any re-rubber and re-cover be done by a time served Billiards fitter
I do know a woodwork restorer who works in the Billiard table field if you require to go down that route and He would be happy to quote you for the renovation work .
Geoff at GCL billiards would quote for table removal and transportation plus any re-rubber and re-cover work .
there are not many tables that get into this condition that make it back to full renovation , I think this one is worth saving , so if you would like a period Billiards / snooker  table , with good welsh slate and solid oak / Walnut / or light  Mahogany ? woodwork , then this table could be the one for you .
INTERESTED ?  then contact Geoff at c.large@btinternet.com for details of the owner , you can contact him by email or telephone number , and these details will be given on enquiry to Geoff . at email address  c.large@btinternet.com  or phone 07753466064