High Frequency Snooker table lighting fitted in Coventry , no turning back after having this fitted .

Last week we visited an Higher learning institution that has two snooker tables that had the old tin metal lighting canopy .
these had years of nicotine on the underside and very poor low quality low wattage lighting bulbs , it was like playing in a cave under candlelight !
I recovered these tables last year and was due to go back and re-stretch the bed cloths , so took the opportunity to also fit two new sets of lighting for them

covenmtry uni old light
Before they had these 1980s alloy shades with nicotine stains on the underside .
cov uni new light 1
using the original hanging wires that where on the old shades we had these new high frequency units up very quick , they where prewired in the workshop and mounted onto metal U channelling to make one 10ft twin unit .
cov uni new light 3
The lighting is now a lot brighter to play under , the costing for these two tables came to £600 for two table’s fitted , so £300 per table for each complete double unit table light delivered and fitted .
I also repaired one small cut around 1 inch in one bed cloth . and then checked the levels .