Had to cancel a few jobs this week off ill again I’m afraid

I seem to have a bug or virus that keeps coming and going .
and this last week it has hit me again to the point that I am just not upto Driving or doing any work and have been in bed this last 48 hours .
just got up to make this blog news , so that everyone knows the situation and I will be getting in touch to make a new appointment for work that I have not been well enough to carry out

I’m afraid I am a one man operation when it comes to re-cloths or normal work and I  do have one other part skilled man to work with me on any table moves .
unfortunately I would not send out anyone that could not do the work 100% , so anyone who is due work and has been informed I will not be coming and have to make an arrangement to come and do the work at a later date .

For all those who have booked work in and you have not received any phone call cancelling the work then expect me as normal .


my mobile is now switched off I need the rest away from work to get over this illness , if you phone the home phone number my wife may answer or she may not as she does work part time for another firm .
but she will not be able to quote or take any bookings for work , I am afraid you will have to wait until I am well enough to resume this .