Grass-Turf Art-scape cloth used at Butlins Skegness on American Pool Tables

Just back from Butlin’s in Skegness where we have been recovering the six american Brunswick pool tables in hotshots and three supreme Winner UK pool tables dotted around the Camp
This year Rob chose another new Strachan Art-scape design of Grass- Turf with the Butlin’s logo across the centre pockets.
I do find this Art-scape cloth very easy to fit than some of the thicker Euro pool type speed cloths that I normally fit to american pool tables .
Last year rob chose the Red star pattern with butlin’s logo , this design had to have the colour coding of the cushion cloth fitted to the same colour coding of the bed cloth to make sure the pattern ran smooth from bed cloth to cushion cloth .
Butlins grass Artscape 6 cush strips coded
This Grass pattern was not as difficult as last years pattern but the same applies , each piece of cushion cloth is colour coded from Blue to purple , then black Red yellow and green , each has a certain cushion to be fitted to .
Butlins grass Artscape bed fitted
Bed cloth fitted
Butlins grass artscape centre pocket fall
The centre pocket fall , Art-scape cloth is very easy to fit , and I only needed to add skirts to the centre pocket fall as seen above
butlins grass artscape cushions covering
the cushions upside down having just been recovered in the grass speed cloth .
Butlins grass artscape all 6 recovers
All six tables sporting their new Design logo Grass cloth for the coming 2014 Season at Butlins , I wonder what design they will go for next November