Golf club in Derbyshire has table re-covered by GCL billiards

I have been over to Kedleston Golf club near Derby
This very upmarket Golf club is in the Grounds of Kedleston Hall
I once dismantled and moved a full size table in the main hall around 18 years ago and relocated it in North Yorkshire.
The General Manager of Kedleston ( Robert ) called me to arrange a re-cover and maybe new nets and leathers .
I arranged to carry out the improvements to the playing surface in February .

The table when I arrived looked like this , a re-cover around 6 years ago by another billiards firm who used some very poor none branded cloth
and some of the leathers had split and the brass pocket plate was showing through which was damaging the balls on impact .

pocket leathers look OK  from above and the rear , but it was the inside part where the ball makes contact that was wearing badly and splitting
and because Robert had mentioned the club where going to buy a new set of high standard balls , it was important to replace these leathers at least to protect those new balls from chipping on the exposed brass pocket plate .
a new set of nets where also recommended as it would look bad to have new cloth and new leathers yet have stained smoke nicotine stained nets from before the smoking ban still left on

the finished Snooker table , New Strachan 6811 Tournament branded cloth fitted , and looking good with new nets and leathers to compliment and show off that the table has had a thorough renovation of it’s playing surface .
I also checked and adjusted for level as part of the Service .

the very smart upmarket club house of Kedleston Golf club , one of the best Golf club house facilities that I have visited , and I do many Golf club snooker tables in my time

When I visited I was impressed that in the club house they had a TV on in the lounge area,  going through all the holes in simulated video .
here is Hole 18 as a demo .
unfortunately Kedleston Golf club is limited to 300 members and I was informed they are pretty much booked up , but you can get day guest tickets now and again , a very nice course with the back drop of Kedleston Hall .
a very good car park and club house facilities .