GCL Billiards visit Large local club in Derby, and they have three pool tables recovered in Hainsworth Match and Hainsworth Precision

I got a phone call the other week to book GCL billiards to call in and re-cover three of the 7 pool tables in this well known large Snooker club in Derby.
The Players and management where very specific in the type of cloth that they wanted the tables re-covered in
and Hainsworth branded cloth was the first choice , two of the tables to have Match cloth and the one table in the main lounge area to have precision cloth
these cloths are not a low cost option , but they where adamant that they wanted this cloth so it was arranged to get this cloth which is not one of my main cloths that we use.
I normally use Strachan branded cloths  on all cue sports tables.
But I must admit the cloths where very good to put on , they where a bit thinner than the normal cloth that I use , so I am very interested in seeing it’s wear qualities .
the Hainsworth match had a fine nap but felt a little coarse , the Hainsworth precision also had a fine nap but felt soft to the touch .
I am awaiting feedback from the Management and Pool teams experience of the cloth .
GCL billiards are happy to fit  any cloth that the customer ask’s for , and as always we always prepare the table before fitting , taking all staples out of the cushions , cleaning slate of any overspray of glue and applying by hand spreader new contact adhesive glue ( WE DO NOT USE SPRAY ON GLUE ) . Please read this link for the reasons we do not use spray on glue


We also vac out the table and wash and wipe down the ball run’s , you would be amazed at how many companies just leave all the dust and muck inside the table , and if  you think about it , the balls run on this grease and dust on the rail system and deposit it on the Brand new cloth just fitted , a no brainer really to clean out the table as well as re-cover it .
We also found a low spot on one slate bed , this had been filled by someone very badly , I sanded all the loose filler away and surface spread new filler , and then with a sanding block sanded the filler level with surrounding slate bed , it is now as good as new .
This large club was taken over two years ago , and the new ownership have made great stride’s in making it the No1 Club in Derby for cue sports.
GCL billiards take pride in that when they do a job they do it well , and with the top branded cloth that the club selected and the top class thorough workmanship , this club is only supplying the best for it’s members .cueball derby pool room cueball pool room busy
As can be seen from above photo’s , this Derby based club has very good facilities for pool and snooker , plus they have multi Darts board area and lounge.
they also have  numerous pool teams use the excellent facilities .
the tables are well spaced out , and they have plenty of cue room .
the tables used are all free play Winner supreme which are light timed charged for club members and visitors , these Supreme pool tables are as used by professionals in  competition and tournaments .
cue ball snooker area 2 cue ball snooker area
The snooker area
cueball darts area
a photo of just three of the 9 dart boards available , 6 being cubicled like these .

I would like to thank the Management of CueBall Derby for using GCL billiards , we are a local firm and we think local Snooker club’s should give us a try , we aim to do excellent thorough none rushed work ,which in the cue sports industry it is hard to find a firm that sticks to these values , there are so many firms who rush work to get as much cash flow profit through the firm rather than a steady guaranteed flow due to good workmanship.
I based my firms value’s on my Old Boss John hopkin’s values  , he was well known in the billiards industry for being very fair and thorough and took pride in the family firm .
He always instructed the staff who worked for him to do the best unrushed job that we could do .
It helped that john was a church going man , and did a lot for the local church of which he is still a member at the ripe old age of 92?
I am not a church going person myself , but I like to think some of John’s Christian value’s rubbed off over the years I worked for him .
Rear view of van Igor
If you are a private one table owner or a multi table club owner , GCL billiards is a firm to trust in the billiards industry
we would be happy to quote for any work on your cue sports table , approaching 40 years as a billiards fitter Geoff large has  a vast experience in all cue sports work from a table install to re-covers , re-rubber or just servicing and leveling .
From small pool tables to full size snooker tables , we can also dismantle transport and erect your table for you .
We also offer a Private for sale section on our web site for people who are moving house and need to find a buyer for their table , please click on tables for sale to see a selection of tables being advertised at great prices direct from seller to buyer with no middle men fees , then just contact GCL billiards for a quote to relocate it .
We have re-located tables from Cornwall to Scotland and even in France .