GCL Billiards get Repeat Re-cover work on 7 Supreme Pool tables at club in Grantham.

Again another satisfied client who has used GCL Billiards in the past has used us again .
We think that this is one of the best Cue sports club’s around , with it’s main Ground floor pool room and close by parking , add to this it’s bright clean surroundings and friendly staff
Good Bar snacks , and great atmosphere .
I have been going to this club for over 14 years maintaining the tables , and it shows the Owners trust me to carry on maintaining the tables to a professional standard.
they also have 6 full size snooker tables upstairs with separate bar .
hunters Bar
The 7 pool tables I re-covered this time where the 7ft Winner supreme tables seen here in the background.
they have two types of cloth fitted to these tables , top quality Strachan 6811 pool cloth on four tables  and Euro speed pool on three tables.
This gives a good mix to the type that customers like to played on , speed cloth for speed of ball , and napped cloth for control of cue ball .
Some of these tables have been in use for around 10 years and still going strong , they only show signs of wear on the corner pocket plates where the chrome is just starting to peel off , but this can be sorted with a simple renew of pocket plate trim.
Two of the tables are the latest metal chrome corner type that Supreme are now producing .
Here are some photo’s showing the difference in the two types of old and new .
First photo showing the worn chrome off the plastic pocket trim . the second photo showing the new all metal die-cast corner trim which should hold the chrome much better .
supreme plastic worn corner
Above You can see that these trims have had some traffic rubbing against them to remove the chrome plating
it just shows they are played often and that the club have serious pool players .
winners stabbo new type metal corner chrome plate
We have advised to renew some of the corner trim plates  the next time we re-cover to these later type die-cast chrome trims.
and one set of cushions to be re-placed next time too.
Cabinet wise the tables are in good condition so why change the whole table when it is just the corner trims that are worn .