GCL BILLIARDS for Pool table recovering in the Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln, Newark & Leicester area

Two more Supreme Prince Pool tables get the full monty treatment of brand new cushion rubber in quality black rubber and new re-clothing with strachan best quality wool cloth.  We also vacuumed the tables out, de-greased around 3 years of muck from the ball rails and centre ramp, cleaned the side chute and flip out tray, checked battery power and that the electronic coin mechs were working fine.

One thing the Landlord expressed concern with was that the tables have never played level in all the years he has been there, so the slate was re-levelled by strip packing to take out the natural bow of the cabinet which over time had become worse.  We also removed many recovers of spray on glue from the top of the slate which was affecting the ball run down the side of the table.  The ball now runs true and the table was levelled by engineers level as well as digital levelled to an accuracy of 0.1 per square metre, that’s the thickness of a £20 note throughout the level of the table slate area.  Only a time served billiards fitter would go to these lengths of making sure a pub pool table was good for play and the good news is we do not charge more for this expertise.  So why choose a quick fit pool table recoverer over someone who takes their time and does the job right.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SOME FIRMS COME WITH CUSHIONS ALREADY COVERED AND JUST CHANGE THEM OVER TAKING YOUR CUSHIONS AWAY.  This can be a big mistake if you allow this to happen as good cushions could be swapped over with bad hard rubber cushions and this is what had happened to the above two tables including slate swap over.  At GCL Billiards we will only change over worn out sets of cushions and never just one or two cushions always the whole set.  If one cushion has gone hard the others are not far behind in doing the same, so best to replace the whole set.  All other good sets of cushions are recovered on site and refitted to their original tables, ensuring that if you have got decent cushions they are put back on your table.

To round things off we fitted our smart new green www.88pooltables.com bubble badge to the cabinet side.  This displays who maintains the table and contact numbers etc.

We know we are second to none in the refurbishment of Pool tables, so if your local pub or club is ready for a revamp of its pool tables please recommend www.gclbilliards.com the professional cue sports people.

The Landlord was highly delighted with the work we have carried out and the attention to detail of the cleaning of the inside of the tables to stop ball jams etc. and how we got the tables level.  Not all firms do this, but GCL Billiards and Double Eight Pool Tables always do it.

Phone us today to book your table in on 07753466064 or 01159725355.  Leave a message if we are busy we always get back to you.