Fully Booked up for work and Holidays now until October .

I am fully booked out all of August , and the first week of September .
There may be a very small chance of me pulling the odd job in towards the end of September but as with all traveling when we come back of holidays .
we may have to isolate , if we get flagged up as a flight effected by covid .

So I am now taking orders for October .
the cue sports  industry as with others have got extremely busy , with snooker and pool tables coming back into use in pubs and clubs .
as the government eases down on covid restrictions , more work is expected to come in  .

we have also had a big influx of home tables to be installed or re-clothed .
I put this down to all the lock downs we have had , and the private home use tables being in demand for home bars or covered patios or converted Garages  .
all this demand for home tables has caused a shortage in the supply chain for materials that are used to make pool tables .
up to 20 weeks waiting time for a new table ordered from Supreme a little less for Blackball tables .
those sitting on a stock pile will be able to supply , but prices have reached an all time high as materials prices have shot up .
and those sitting on a stock of tables can ask what they like for them .
most table suppliers  have put up their prices not once but as many as three times this year .
and the retailers are also following suit , a £1450 table are now selling for £1695 , prices are crazy at the moment .

Manufactures are trying to get orders out but as fast as they make tables during a shortage of materials or high priced materials , the orders coming in are getting back logged .
I ordered a Pool dining table , only to be told January 2022 as an expected date for delivery or pick up , and an open price as they do not know the cost of these tables until closer to the date as materials are still rising in price .
Hopefully , the prices will come back down when they have a surplus of stock to shift , but while they cannot make enough to feed the demand prices will be high .
at least the cloth manufacturers have not had as many increases and are still able to keep up almost in demand .
it is only the coloured cloths from the norm of Green blue or Red that maybe you have to wait a couple of weeks to come back on the production line .
Grey or Powder blue are just two popular colours that could be effected in supply .

hopefully we will see back to normal pricing and , with the end of covid next year we hope ,
there will be a lot of second hand tables come up for sale , as more people start to use the pubs and clubs more, the table they bought for lock down is not being used , this will cause a price drop .
many people will buy second hand as too many on the market , will have the reverse of what is happening now .
once the manufacturers production come back to normal and they are not as much in demand , I think they will drop the price , the materials will also come back into line at normal prices as demand will not outstrip supply .
Its the same old story in demand hard to get prices rise ,
If you have got a warehouse full of tables , and not  enough going out the door to keep workforce employed, or rent and rates and running costs paid , prices will drop .
At the moment it is a sellers market for pool tables .
with old 1980s tables fetching up to £800 on Ebay and market place , the world has gone crazy when you see old tables like these fetching that sort of money .
Before covid lockdowns  you would be lucky to get £250 to £350 for an old super league in good condition , now you can ask what you want .

well in September fingers crossed we are off to Lanzarote for a couple of weeks , my Daughter and the dog’s will be manning the fort , but will not be taking any bookings or answering phones from September 6th to the 23rd .
So please hang in there if you wish to book work in , please try and do any enquiries  by email , if I do not pick up on any emails before I go on Holiday I will answer them when I get back late September .