Fully booked out for work right up to the last week of July ….but please work with me to accommodate your table work .

Due to our web site attracting so many readers and people following up with work bookings already taken !

We are now  running at 6 weeks advance bookings for work , but we also have to allow for our three weeks Summer holidays which we are taking in June .

this means we are booked out for work including some Saturdays right up until July the 27th .
Do not forget we also have our own community of Rental pool tables out on site which we re-cover twice a year , this also takes a few days a month to pull in .

We are are only a small company , gone are the days of large billiards firms with many fitters where you could pick the phone up and book work within a week and get the fitter there within 14 days , many firms are my size now like myself owner fitter and extra labour to help lift slates now and again , I only have one pair of hands so cannot take on more work than I can physically complete .
I do not like turning work away and will work the odd weekend if possible to try and accommodate .
I suppose my web site has been too successful in getting out just what I do at GCL billiards , along with my good work ethics and working direct you know you will get a good job done with no corners cut .
I am even cutting back on advertising and sponsorship as I do not need the headache of extra work and trying to fit it in .
My Small Billiards  / Snooker & Pool table repair and maintenance company ticks along nicely , it will not make me a millionaire but I get job satisfaction out of it .
and you the client get a good job done every time , I am worth waiting for , there are a few  speed fitters out here who are in my opinion hit and run fitters .
so please work with me in trying to fit you in for future work .
the closer you are , then I may be able to squeeze you in quicker maybe by working on a Saturday .
Hopefully once the rush of this current amount work that we have taken on , will be completed  and the holidays have been taken , I can get back to the norm of a comfortable work in work done balance in a  reasonable amount of time .