full size snooker table recover …bad cushions falling apart !

today I have been in Derbyshire at a small club who have a very old cox and yeman full size table .

over the years the cushions have been patched up over and over again , this i think is the last time we shall get away with just recovering the table as the woodwork now has major issue’s
RBL full size before
the table , starting to re-cover the cushions
RBL faling to bits cushions ends
RBL falling to bits ends 2
as can be seen from above two photo’s the cushions over the years ( Before my time ) have been hacked around a bit and replacement modern but old type top plates fitted because there is no wood for the concealed original pockets to locate to .
RBL finished table
The finished table , with cloth wraps right around the back of each cushion to hide the rotted wood , then screw on back panels no one is none the wiser as to the seriousness of the rotting crumbling cushions . I have suggest they budget for new or decent second hand cushion s to be fitted with new concealed pocket plates , the table is very good for level having good Welsh slates at 2 inch thick , this is something the secretary has taken on board and will now budget for over the next two years , so hopefully the cushions will be scrapped and new ones fitted in the future. Believe it or not these are not the worse case of cushions I have had to re-cover .
THESE WHERE because they still had the two pin pocket plates on which where not supported and sagged down , you can see the above photos that some sort of rebated metal had been put under the pocket to support the plates these had been removed and top plates fitted with new wood cushion cappings , in my opinion not the correct thing to do
SC what a mess pocket plate holes
this table is 1/2 inch wider than a normal 6 foot 1-1/2 inch table being 6ft 2 inch , this will cause me a few problems when fitting new cushions , as the end cushions will have to be 1/2 inch longer or have more rubber left at the cut of openings at each end to make up for the wider pocket opening , also the pocket plates will have to drilled closer into the table .

thank fully it is dead on 12 foot long slate which is normal.

RBL life pool baord
they have a nice old Life pool scoreboard by Burroughs and watts on the wall which has had some restoration around  10 years ago

RBL Cox and yeman plate

the original cox & Yemen badge had been put on the outside panels of the cushions .