Full size Orme snooker table for sale in Derby , with Victorian life pool scoreboard and rotating cue rack also later framed rules .

We have a client who wishes to sell their very nice antique full size Orme of Manchester snooker table circa 1895 -1900  which is based in Derby and we are looking for offers at this moment in time
you can make an offer for all of the equipment and the table or buy the table on it’s own or buy the scoreboard and cue rack seperately
the scoreboard is a desirable old Life Pool type and the rotating antique cue rack is also a desirable object
mickleover tulip legged table with cover and shade
the full sized table is located above a Garage with modern 1990s Enbild light shade in stained wood
mickleover orme scoreboard tulip legged table
The very desirable Life Pool Scoreboard , these do hold a bit of value,  all though they do not fetch the very high prices of the 1980s and 90s and have halved in price with Ebay sales , expect to pay around the £350 to £450 mark for one of these in this Fair to average condition , this one has a bit of renovation the yellow is a new slide and the brass slide covers are not original feature , these will be hiding wear to the slot of the slide marker  , and is a normal wear a tare thing with these type of boards and shows it has had club or heavy use in its life .
mickleover tulip CUE rack revolving old
The period Victorian revolving cue rack valued at around the same £450 as the scoreboard , 20 years ago these where fetching £750 easy , believe it or not a new replica of this  is sold for around the same price or even more  , this one is an original one though
mickleover rules tulip leg
A nice set of Snooker rules in very nice frame and glazed. worth around £40 to £50
mickleover tulip , old billiards sign rule
An original house rule for club members also framed pointing out the conditions of table use and which table to play certain games on and timings .
if this came with the table it shows it was in an higher end club rather than a working mens club .
mickleover bar table
A bar table is also included
mickleover 12ft leg close up tulip
This Orme  & sons table was renovated by a firm I used to work for from 1980 to 2012 , and I am sure I helped installed this table in 1990 with the help of stiens or jonills removals men doing the lifting upstairs of the heavy slates .
The table had the cushions re-polished and re-rubber plus re-cover and the frame was waxed and buffed up , this table looks to have kept it’s reconditioned appearance and the woodwork looks in excellent order.
So there you have it , either bid for the entire package or bid just for the other Victorian  accessories
GCL van outrside warickshire home sept 2015
If you require this table dismantling and transporting then contact GCL billiards for a quote

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