Full size Snooker Table dismantle transport and assemble in Rugby club in Oxford by GCL billiards.

We often get people phone us to help with a sale of a full size snooker table , sometimes we can find them a buyer and other times we cannot , but if a house sale is imminent and the table has to be out then sometimes it is best just to donate a table for free .
as it is not worth a House sale falling through just because a snooker table has been left in the House which I have witnessed in the past .
Sometimes people are well organised and have decided what to do with their table well before any house sale becomes final , and here is one such story.

I took a phone call about three weeks ago from a Lady who’s husband had passed away , and she wanted to downsize from the house she was living, and it had now been sold but the Buyer’s did not want the full size snooker table.
She informed me she would like to give the full size snooker table to her late husbands other interest a local Rugby Club .
She wanted to not only give them the table but also pay for the dismantle and assemble of the table in one of the Clubs buildings.
I have today completed the task of this work setting out from my Home near Nottingham at 6 .30 am this morning , we arrived around 9.30 am after we stopped for one coffee break on the way to waken us up.
We arrived to find a very nice Large Home with a round 7.5 acres of woodland attached to it .
shotover oxford house £2m
a library photo of the woodland Home that we removed the full size table from , the buyer of this property did not require the snooker table and wished to use the room for other purpose.
Shotover oxford table
We arrived to find a nice Riley Aristocrat table circa 1990
shotover table slates on frame
we quickly set about stripping the table down re-moving the cushions and bed cloth to slate level.
shotover table frame left in room
We then re-moved the slate and loaded these straight onto the van , we then dismantled the frame and wrapped the parts in Blankets for safe transportation.

shotover table fully taken out empty room

The room is almost empty just the shade to load , from the first screw to the shade being loaded took us just over an hour.
We supplied a van and three men for this particular job.
We then followed the daughter of our client to a local Rugby club the other side of Oxford
Shotover rugby club new location table
The table assembled back together and ready for play in it’s new Home at Oxford Rugby club
If you are selling your home and the sale is dependent on the full size snooker table to be removed as part of the deal , then contact GCL billiards
We can advise on how best to remove the table at the most cost effective way , why risk the house sale falling through if you cannot come to an agreement about the table,
the buyer may lose interest in your home and may move on to another House to Buy , meaning you have lost your house sale .

if you have a problem on how to solve this issue !

Then Contact Geoff by Email ….c.large@btinternet.com

or mobile 07753466064

or Home 0115 972355  ( not always manned )
A photo of our Van we use to transport full size snooker tables around the UK .
Rear view of van Igor