Full size Burroughs and watts steel block table installed in Wales at Rhos on Sea .

We have just been to Wales to install a Burroughs and watts steel block table for our client Mark .
We delivered the table around February of this year and just stored on site , this was because the building that our client wanted was just in the planning stage  .
and he had seen the table at a very good price on Ebay , bought it and then asked Geoff at GCL billiards to move it for him from Clitheroe to North wales in Febuary 2013
I had mislaid my Camera the morning I was installing the table , and found it that night when I looked in my overnight bag.
Mark had let me stay at his house overnight as I wanted to complete the work over two days rather than rush fit it all in one day and get back home.
I started taking photo’s of the install way into the work , in fact after I had installed the table slates and levelling plus recovering of the cushions .
but Mark has taken some earlier photo’s which I will add into this report later on when he sends them to me.
P1020829 P1020830
the next day I ironed the table’s new cloth and found that overnight that  a slate joint had settled down more , so I carefully un-tacked the one corner that was affected , put more car body filler over this bad joint and sanded it flat .
The slates from a previous fitting had been badly sanded when they had not got the table level , this removes slate that should not be removed , and when I got the table level , the slate joint which should have been perfect was actually out , so we had no choice but to feather fill it , as you can see above the filler is replaceing what has been wrongfully removed in the past .
a flat straight edge ruler used to make sure all is correct before refitting the cloth
The bed cloth re-tacked to the under slate linings , you may note that this table is in very good condition woodwork wise , the table had gone through a full renovation in it’s recent past history .
The finished table 0.0 level , this table really looks the part in our clients new Games Room which is as big as  an average detached Bungalow . having a large toilet area and also a utility area for the house washing machine and laundry room

Extremely tight pockets a fraction under 3.5 inch make this table a professional standard table
Mark is very happy with the way we have installed his table , we used top quality Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth
The table levelled up very well . and was playing fast when we tried a few balls around the cushions.
Mark is going to have to wait a few more weeks though as arm is in a sling from a shoulder operation to rectify something with his arm socket from his youth .
I would like to thank Mark and his wife for putting me up overnight and for the nice meal and Breakfast , and the couple of pints we had down at the Cricket club
Rhos on Sea is a nice town and Mark lives just up from the sea front , if you look down his road you have a very nice view of it .
I am sure Mark will add a few more photo’s of his room and also the outside of the building , just to show how good a project this was .
Mark is also a member of the snooker forum and I am sure he will be doing his own write up for the members in there who are all avid readers of such projects , it’s where Mark got some idea’s from in the first place .
Mark has just sent me some more photo’s of this table install and some of the building in progress from footings to complete build.
Mark parry frame assemble mark parry cushions recover waiting for lift
Above , while I was waiting for Mark’s friends to appear to help lift the slates onto the frame , I started to recover the cushions to save time wasted just hanging around .
normally I would have done these cushions after the slate was put on the frame for a solid work bench of slate to work on . I just worked off two planks of wood to recover these cushions

mark parry slates on and linings ready mark parry cloth going on bed mark parry steel block cushions on floor
above the Steel Block cushions that every one craves for .
086 20140717_140106-001
The above photo’s from footings to completed Build , this Games room is large enough for a retired couple to live in .