Black v red rubber

Fitting Northern Rubber to pool table cushions, fitting the best in Lincolnshire

Northern rubbered Pool cushions

This week I have been re-rubbering a set of winner supreme pool table cushions, ready to fit to a table in Bardney in Lincolnshire.  The client was very specific that he wanted this high quality rubber fitted.  I have two types of rubber that I fit to pool tables, one is standard black rubber and the other is this high quality (as fitted to full size snooker tables on TV) Northern Rubber.  This rubber is the best you can buy and is made in Retford, Nottinghamshire.  The rubber itself is much more expensive and I have to buy a full set of snooker rubbers to cut down.  Luckily for me I can get two sets out of each set of rubbers.

Northern rubbered raised lettering

As you can see from the above photo, there is raised lettering under the nose of the rubber.  This is your guarantee that I have used the best rubber you can buy.  Because I have to cut the rubber lengths in half, the top painted print stamp is also cut, so you will not see this on pool cushions as you would see in the centre of a 6 ft long snooker cushion rubber.

This set being dated October 2012, as can be seen from the cut off ends in the top photo.

Northern rubbered the stamp 2012

The above photo shows the rubber before I cut it in half for pool tables.  The red rubber in the background is well known for going hard within a few years from new.  It is not being used anymore by Supreme, they now use black rubber.  The dye in the red rubber was the main thing that made the rubber go rock hard, that and the warm sunlight shining through a window or warmth of the room.  The black rubber is much better and Northern Rubber should be good for at least 20 years.

Northern rubber the old stiff rubber

The last photo shows just how hard the rubber had gone, note the black Northern Rubber has just drooped down from my hand where as the red rubber (which you can see is also starting to crumble and crack) is like a stiff pole.  The ball hitting this would just die and not rebound.

The cost for standard black rubber to be fitted by GCL BILLIARDS at the same time as a re-cover is just £100.  fitting new factory supplied cushions complete but not Northern rubber is £120 exchange if good wood or £140 if old cushion are no good  ,  The cost of best quality Northern Rubber is much higher and so the cost is £165 if fitted at same time as a re-cover.  Both re-rubber prices are exchange price, we take your old cushions to refurbish with new rubber if they are suitable , if not suitable allow £20 extra  .  Once the new rubber has been fitted and pocket openings shaped, you will have your pool table back to performing as if it was a brand new table.

prices correct at time of posting but may vary if materials and costs increase

Please make sure that if you have any other firm in for re-covering, they do not exchange your cushions on a re-cover.  You will probably end up with dead cushions and your nice newly rubbered cushions will be sold on as a replacement set.  I have seen this done many times.

At GCL Billiards, the only time we swop cushions over is when they are being replaced with a new or re-rubbered set.  Don’t get caught out, we always stamp any cushions we re-rubber with a GCL Billiards stamp.