Fantastic Oak Burroughs and Watts refectory billiard table for sale with Steel cushions .

NOT one to be missed , they do not often come up for sale often in this condition , and my clients are being very realistic in price for this table and the accessories .
You would pay much more from a dealer , so buy direct from the PRIVATE SALE OWNER through GCL Billiards .
GCL Billiards offer you this table at a direct to selling client price , believe me you are saving a lot of money buying this way for this table .

THE TABLE is located in Great Missenden Buckinghamshire on the Ground floor .

This Arts and Crafts style table was manufactured by the well Known Burroughs and Watts Billiards firm circa around 1920/30s , it can only be described as a top of the range table in its day , The oak stringers of the refectory table and carved legs and mouldings plus the ebonised inlays , makes this table a bit above the norm of a basic turned leg design .
The Polish looks in good order as does the cloth , my client did say it went through a refurb some years ago and has not had much use since then , any buyer could have the original bed cloth re-stretched back on .

As you can see this table oozes class and craftsmanship and the table alone is priced at £5000 which in my opinion is priced to sell , the price is as it sits in the house any buyer will have to pay for dismantle and removal from the property .
All the other accessories are going to be priced separately as these also are of top quality .

The Burroughs and watts Life pool scoreboard in matching oak is priced at £750 , but if bought with the table it is priced at £500 , it is complete with no parts missing and has Ivory or bone slide markers and buttons for the life counter slide out strips .
In my opinion this should be kept with the table and not separated and at just £500 it is a very good price for one of these .
the buyer of the Full size Billiard table gets to choose what he wishes to add to the table .
A matching Rotating cue rack is also available at £750 , or if bought with the table at £500
A range of cues will also come with the cue rack .
A very nice period reproduction light is also available as an extra again £750 or £500 if bought with the table .
There will be a range of rests and balls that will of course come with the table price

So there you have , the complete table with the three main accessories is priced at £6500 .
the price does not include the collection of the table but I can give an estimate of what the costs would be .
To Dismantled this table and bubble wrap it , the cost is going to be £550 , plus 50p per mile round trip
To deliver and set up on ground floor ( NO STAIRS ) with parking and no parking restrictions unloading , unwrapping and erect ready for play it would be £650 plus 50p per mile .
Very long distance may add and extra days travelling fee plus any B&B and E/Meal charges for the fitters .

We could dismantle the table down into manageable parts and load it all onto this van for delivery .
Geoff Large of GCL billiards has been fitting Billiard tables for 47 years .
and has worked on tables of this design before .
Any work on the dismantle loading wrapping and unloading and fitting is an EXTRA to the price of the table .
PLEASE NOTE , The table is a private sale direct from the private seller who has listed it with GCL billiards to advertise on their behalf , any work on the dismantle and delivery and fitting of the table , that is required after you have purchased the table will be with GCL billiards who will invoice you for this work separately , and is not part of any table sale by the seller .
The Burroughs and watts name plate .
Corner pocket leather and billiard bag , as you can see not much use since its refurb .
note also the ebonised trims of diamonds on the knee panels and also buttons on the slide out cushion friezes .

Buttons on the cushion slides also ebonised
long rest and cue tackle is with the table price.
The condition of the bed and cushion cloth as seen in the photo , you could if you wished have a new cloth fitted but this would be an extra , and would be priced up on selection of cloth grade required .
ALL INQUIRIES for this table to Geoff & Carol at GCL billiards , we will pass on any interested parties to our selling clients .
A typical loaded table on our van , total weight with tools and driver and fitter , 1.5 ton .
our van is rated at 1.6 ton load carrying .