Oak life pool scoreboard and rotating cue rack available for sale .

The Table has been sold but the very nice scoreboard is still available and also the rotating cue rack
Scoreboards is £1000 and cue rack is £750 or both for £1500 , no rush to sell as these are being taken and stored until sold so no low offers please , at £1500 they are a bargain .Cox yeman oak scorbaord life pool penny slots  rotherhamScore board with penny slots , the rotating cue rack can be seen in photo below at side of the table at far end cues are also available
Cox and yeman Rotherham full photo

A little History of Cox & yeman to show the pedigree of this table
Cox and Yeman where founded in 1848 by Henry cox , he was joined by by Edward Yeman in 1851 to form Cox & Yeman .
Edward Yeman had been employed by Burroughs and watts as a Cushion stuffer , a form of stuffing the cushions on a billiard table before early cushion rubber was invented .
He was probably a fully fledged time served Billiards fitter , but there is History reference to him actually stuffing cushions with felt . they both would have had some Cabinet makers training too .
In 1868 they where located at 209a Brompton Road SW .
They where well known for the export of their Billiard tables to India , many of the tables shipped out to India had very hard beetle resistant wood or even frames made out of cast iron to stop wood boring  grubs destroying the table.
In 1870 the first billiards match between Roberts & Cook,
and Cox and Yeman along with Burroughs and watts and Thurston’s they paid for a magnificent trophy which can now be seen in Thurston’s Showroom’s  in Liverpool .
In 1870 they also moved into new larger  premises at 184 Bromton road .
in 1896 the partnership was dissolved , but the business still continued under the old name of Cox & Yeman .
A much further detailed report on cox and yeman can be found by visiting  www.snookerheritage.co.uk/histories-articles/cox-yeman/  info from Peter Clare of Thurston and Peter Ainsworth Billiards historian .

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