Easter Weekend , we are not answering the phones this Easter or answering Emails .

Just chilling out .

Some people may not celebrate Easter but this year We are going to have a break from work just like the rest of the UK .
I will at this time of the year be out in the Garden getting it ready for the coming summer and a time to reflect on life as I work on cleaning the patios.
So please do not be offended by us not answering telephone calls or emails over the Easter period .
We are just taking a full Easter off for a change this year .
some celebrate Easter as a Christian religious festival and rightfully too as this is what Easter is all about , some say the greatest Story on Earth !

some celebrate by chocolate egg hunts

some take a holiday maybe a trip to the coast ?

and some by just Gardening or DIY time .

What ever way you choose to celebrate Easter Have a good one relax and just reflect on life ,
I know I will be celebrating by all 4 of the above reasons if I can squeeze them all into 4 days .
Friday & Saturday Gardening patio cleaning & time for thought and Christ who gave his life for us .
Sunday Day of rest and out for a meal with wife, Thoughts about resurrection and maybe a trip over to the coast ?
Monday Garage clean out and get Van ready for work on Tuesday .
well that is what I am planning weather permitting .
I am not a regular church attender the odd wedding and funeral is perhaps the only time I attend church if I am am honest ,  but throughout my life I have been brought up in the belief of Christianity and all the good that this faith brings out in people .
so whatever you do at Easter try and relax and take it all in , Watch the old films on TV , Ben Hur  or the Robe , I always watch them if I get time .
Back open for  work on Tuesday the 18th April .