Do not all rush at once . but we are starting back to work but only under guidelines .

We had to cancel 6 weeks of booked in clients work when the Government shut everyone down .
I have to give those people first option on our start back to work program .
I am doing a few local ones at the moment mainly quick in and out pool table re-cloths

Some cloth colours are harder to get in than others , I had the foresight to order many green cloths in before the lock down
I do have a couple of oddment colours in stock including purple / Grey and black .
We have the normal 6811 pool in Green , Burgundy , and Royal blue .

if we can get it in we can accommodate most colours and grades and makes of cloth , but we are limited as to what the suppliers have got in stock too .
as for Snooker tables we are also taking some of these job’s in , but we are not allowed to stay out if your work involves a stay over we are informed this is not allowed .
unless we can get strict separate room  accommodation that has been cleaned and sterilised  .

but we are putting stop over work to much later on , we just wish to get no mixing of people in rooms work , where one fitter can come in do the work and leave without contact with other persons .

We hope you understand that some people will still have to wait for less restrictions for some types of work .


Geoff Large
NBSA approved billiards fitter
GCL billiards