Dismantle transport and set up of Full size snooker table in Chilwell Nottingham .A Sad day for Plessey club .

I have just completed a very local job .
a table I have worked on in the past and due to the unfortunate closing of Plessey Social club  ( New Venture club ) in Beeston
all four tables where put up for sale at very low money .
and I am happy to report that one local Chilwell Manor Golf club  have given the match table a new home , this Golf club is only a mile away from the Plessey Club
so very happy it is staying local , I have very fond memories of Plessey Social club having spent many a weekend night in there in the 1970s ’80s and 90s .
I met my future wife in there in 1978 and can even remember doing a john Travolta Dance lesson one Sunday night in the 1970’s , you did embarrassing things like that when you had sunk a few
john travlota plessey
Below is the Old Snooker room of Plessey club , the match table being the far right in the photo .
plessy club snooker room
I am also removing the table to the left for another client on Tuesday and delivering it Thursday near Alton Towers near Stoke on Trent , this table is also being re-covered with new cloth .
The other two tables look like they will be ending up as scrap and recycled slate into Window lintels in Cornwall . or slate flooring .
The woodwork though will sadly be burned this winter in a log burner . the legs may get turned into fruit bowls though . Unless someone is quick to remove the other two tables by next Tuesday ?
Chilwell golf frame
But today was good new’s The local golf club in Chilwell had decided to have one of the tables and they had  the ideal room for it .
in this photo the frame has been positioned and rough leveled for the slate ready to go on .
This table is an old Orme table circa 1920’s so getting on for 100 years old .
chilwell golf slates on
The 5 section thick welsh slate is positioned on the table and the final leveling is done , then to fill slate joints  with Car body soft sand filler .
the bed is then sanded lightly to remove any grit and slate chalk dust .
chilwell golf bed cloth on cushions going on
the bed cloth is then re-stretched back onto the table and remarked out and new spots , brushed and ironed.
we then check again for level to make sure the table has not sank down .
you may notice the cushions going back on  , these are match cushions made from solid steel plate and give good response from cushion rebound with very quiet cushions .
Steel cushions where invented in 1895 and patented by Burroughs and watts , this set was made around 1980s/90s and used by Snooker Professional David Rowe of Derby as his Practice match table cushions .
Plessey Social club  bought the cushions from the Club in Derby in the 1990’s and they where then fitted to the match table .
Chilwell golf finished table ex plessy match
the finished table Ready for play apart from lighting to be put up .
I would like to thank  Plessey Club manager Ancel Batchford , and Andy Hoult  for putting GCL billiards name forward in the quest to carry out this removal and assembly of the table into the Chilwell Manner Golf club , going forward I would like to think they will carry on using GCL billiards for any improvement work on the table .