Dismantle and move two full size snooker tables to make space for pool table in the same room at Hucknall in Nottinghamshire

The last couple of Days I have been at  a Club in Hucknall near Nottingham
My work was to dismantle down to the frame work and move the tables to one end of a long room to make space for a pool table at the other end .
My first day on site involved the actual move of the tables and re level with slates back on and the joints filled back in , at the same time the club members moved the Lighting shades and rehung them .
bentinck before
The start of the dismantle , you may notice that the tables are very far apart with much wasted space .
bentinck slates and frame
One Snooker table moved about 1 foot towards the camera and then leveled and slates back on .
The other table has had the slates removed and is about to be moved around 6 foot towards the other table .
bentinck hanging shades slates
club Members re positioning the shades , as a billiards firm we are not allowed to disconnect or connect electrical mains items , our public liability insurance also states we cannot do this
a qualified part P electrician is required by law to do this or the members can do it as was the case with this club .
To be honest I could do it as it is just the same as connecting a plug , but the law states I cannot . and to stay in line with our insurance we stick to this ruling .
but I did give advice on how to move and align the shades by the use of a center line and  a plumb bob .
Bentinck finished 2 good
the finished tables ready for play , the pool table is being located at the far end just inside the doors with good cue room all the way around , there  is a 14 foot  4 inch from the playing end of the table to the glass doors ,
enough for a 4ft wide table with 5 ft of cue room both sides .
the club is now looking forward to welcoming a pool team into the club , the snooker tables required the bed cloths re-stretching anyway so the club has saved this costing as it is in with the table move’s.