Derby county football club have two pool tables re-covered in Strachan Black super pro speed cloth

I have been over to Derby county training Ground complex to re-cover and supply some balls and cues .
They have two pool tables the main one is for the players this table was having problems with the ball runs inside the table being broken
I replaced all 6 ball runs and this has now sorted the missing balls inside the table scenario.
The cloth they chose was in Club colors of Black.
The whole complex was being given a new coat of paint and the cabinet of this pool table was also painted black , it used to be light Oak finish
Derby county black pool 2 supreme
The black cloth is not one that is normally asked for , but we did supply the club with two packs of Black chalk , this is because if they carried on using blue or green chalk the cloth would have looked a mess.
Derby county Black pool table
White walls Black doors and carpet with matching black table and Black Strachan super pro speed cloth .
we could have supplied a white ram logo in the cloth from our Artscape cloth supplier but we did not have time to organize this for them due to they required re-cover in short space of time  , but maybe next time ,
Artscape cloth is not low cost though as the extra work of imprinting designs doubles the price of a re-cover .