Daylight and Soft white Tubes in Table lights can bleach cloth WARNING !!!

A few years ago Snooker clubs  started using High Frequency strip lights for snooker tables
I think this craze started in the Leeds area and soon spread around the UK ,
out went the old Coffin  canopy shades and in came the modern lighting in tube and now LED daylight or soft white lighting .
I have recently dismantled a Match Riley Aristocrat table for a client  , this table was uncovered most of it’s life with the balls just set up on their spots and in the triangle area .
I was amazed at how the light had bleached the cloth and in fact the balls also where bleached , yet the dark mahogany wood cushion surround and leathers had remained unaffected .

Now I know this is a one off situation where the table lighting is controlled by an auto switch on PC system and that the lighting was on almost 24 hours a day in this part of the house
due to no windows , but it does show what is happening slowly but surely with these modern White light tubes , I cannot comment if this is happening on LED lighting , but just look at the photo .