CLOSING FOR HOLIDAYS JUNE 1st to JUNE 20th 2017 ….not contactable by email or by phones or TEXTS during this 20 day period !

WE are closing the emails contact system and the phones down including texts and mobiles for just over two weeks while we are away on Holiday .
we have many bookings taken for work booked in for when we get back , so please expect a 4 to 5 weeks time slot before we can arrange to book anymore work in from June the 20th
by 4 to 5 weeks I mean it is into the last week of July and beginning of August for our next free time slots .

We are off to Lanzerote for a well earned two weeks in the SUN .
My Daughter and the Dogs will be holding the fort while we are away , but she will not be answering emails or telephone calls while we are away .
My decision to take no phones with me is so that I can have a well earned two weeks rest without the worry of when I can fit you in and time working out what materials I need to get in  , or miles to travel between job’s when I should really be taking a well earned break from all that .
so if you want me contact me after JUNE 20th PLEASE ….it will be bad news if you want me quick I’m afraid we are that popular now people know who we are and what we do , but contact me after the 20th and I will see if I can fit you in somehow .
maybe  a Saturday if local .

so just a few more working days then we are  off on holiday , our first big break of the year and well earned as my muscles and back have been tested this year .
as I get older my back legs knees and arms and wrists take the damage of lifting heavy slates and tables and stretching cloth .
so going to relax and take in few Bars and restaurants while I am away and not think of Work .