Closing for a week from 10th September 2022

I am away for a week in Cornwall from the 10th of September , I am taking the Saab out for a long run , I bought this three years ago as a reaching the age of 65 present from my Wife , and have not had the time due to being so busy to use it often , it only has 16800 on the clock from new and its 13 years old this year , my daughter is manning the fort while we are away with her dogs , but will not be answering phone calls or emails while we are away .
I have work booked in right up to 17th of October

Those that are booked know who they are and those looking to book work in , on their snooker or pool tables , will have to wait until after October 17th .
I am still working full time until 2024 at this time I will be 70 Years old , but after March 2024 will go part time 3 days a week or one week on one week off .
I do not do upstairs work anymore when it comes to installing tables , so if you have a table that you require getting up or down stairs , please try some of the other time skilled fitters that are based around the UK , if you are not sure who to use , I will guide you .
Although if you get the table in the room We can still do the work of set up providing you have not placed the slates where the table is going to be sited .
A common occurrence to those not thinking that the poor fitter has to move them before he can erect the frame .
We only like moving slate once in a day .
we always ask people to store in order the slate or reversed , upright like a door playing surface face out , against a wall
like this photo below .

If you are based in a City centre then unless you have parking outside unrestricted for a large transit sized van we cannot quote for work , we are finding it impossible to do some work when you have no parking outside for the entire Day .
and our van will not fit in a multi storey car park due to height if van .
I have turned some work down in Leicester Nottingham and Birmingham and Derby city centres because of this .
I also do not do London anymore , the fact it takes a long time to just get in and out means it is not feasible to take on .
Some just inside the M25 are still ok though .

Regardless of rumours circulating in the trade of billiards fitting , that I have retired or retiring , this is not true , I am still relocating full size snooker tables from ground floor to Ground floor , I am going to take it easy a bit after I am 70 years old that was always the plan , I am a young 70 years old though and played sports until I was 40 , I have looked after myself to a point , my father before me was the same , he never looked his age until he got over 80 .
It would take some illness to stop me working in the Billiards trade I have come to love .