Butlins Skegness two Snooker table re-covers and one stretch bed cloth plus bits and bobs.

Last week I spent a few days at skegness Butlins . I was called in because they had three torn bed cloths on various tables plus some straps and nets where also worn out and three ball rails broken.
Butlins may 2014 B&W before
The first table is a Burroughs and watts Steel block cushioned table one of two of these tables that are located in the green baize Skegness.
This one had a L shape rip and was badly worn so required a re-cover .
Butlins May 2014 L shape rip before
this table although still had around 6 month wear left in the cloth the L shape rip was too large , so again we decided to re-cover this table too.
Butlins May 2014 L recovered
The badly torn cloth has been replaced and this table is now looking much better.
a complete re-cover , bed and cushions in Best Strachan 6811 Tournament gold cloth .
Butlins May 2014 B&W fully finished

the burroughes and watts after a complete re-cover in 6811 Tournament gold .
again also bed and cushions replaced
Butlins may 2014 Riley side SH bed fitted

This old riley imperial had a torn bed cloth so we decided as it was one of the side table to just fit a good condition second hand bed cloth , this will be due a re-cover in around 12 months time .
I would like to Thank Albert and Rob for giving GCL Billiards the repeat work , I apreciate it is hard to stay with one Billiards firm when they get many emails and phone calls from other firms asking to be considered for the work .
by staying loyal to GCL billiards they know That we will make sure we do not falter in the workmanship and pricing of the work completed.
We value Butlins custom and we would like to think we will be considered first for any cue sports work at Skegness Butlins , we know this is not guaranteed so we will stay competitive and keep our standards high as we would with any of our clients to maintain repeat work.