Butlins Skegness Lincolnshire , 4 full size snooker tables recovering by GCL billiards

Been over to Skegness in Lincolnshire to re-cover four full size snooker tables and also fit new nets and leathers and general check around the other tables for faults and rectify .

In this photo we have three tables side by side that have had the full works of Re-cover plus new nets and leathers on all pockets

Looking much better when they have new nets and leather fitted with a new cloth re-cover
the problem with old leather sis they split on the face side this then chips away at the balls hitting the unprotected brass pocket plate .

the other table that was due a re-cover was on the other side of the room .
Again a full set of new nets and leathers fitted .

a general check over of all the other tables ensured the coming season that all tables are in use and fully operational until the  next child or adult rips one or swing on the ball rails .
Butlins do keep a check on things though and do call me in on a regular basis over the year , we also do the Hot shots  american pool tables too .