Butlins Skegness Snooker Table work , just completed three re-covers in the Green baize + other work

I have just been over to Butlins in Skegness
My work load for this visit was to re-cover three full size snooker tables and fit a good second hand cloth to a torn table to make good
also fit new nets and leather to one table and check all 16 tables for loose or broken  straps and nets and leathers .
I also provided two new dust covers for Free as a thank you for repeat work bookings.
Butlins march 2016 strip down 1st day
1st day strip down full size snooker table and re-cover + fit second hand cloth to torn bed table
butlins march 2016 1st day strip steel down
this was the table that had the second hand bed cloth fitted , the table is a burroughs and watts steel cushioned table , one of two steel cushioned tables in the Green Baize .
Butlins march 2016 ist day finished table
Finished 1st recover on the 1st day .
Butlins march 2016 strip two more tables down
Two more tables being stripped ready for new cloth , in this photo the cushions being re-covered
Butlins March 2016 bed cloths on two
The two tables have just had the new bed cloths stretched and tacked on and they are now ready for marking out with baulk line D and spots
Butlins march 2016 finished two tables
the two tables are completed and ready for play in their Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth
just because it is a holiday camp we do not cut corners on cloth quality , this is top quality first grade cloth no seconds or faulty cloth or low grade manufactured imported cloth is used by GCL Billiards
only the best for our clients .
Bultins march 2016 finsihed and playing on two
and these Holidaymakers were very keen to try out the new cloth , notice we also replaced the nearest tables nets and leathers.
We replace one set every time we call and then use the older good nerts to repair any worn out nets in the hall on other tables
by doing this we keep the costs down and nothing is thrown away before it is had its full use  , a part worn nets still has life in it so why throw it away
by recycling nets around the room we are keeping replacements costs low saving butlins money but still, maintaining a good playing standard within the room of the tables .
Arrangements have been made for me to call again at the end of the year to check over the tables for other work , I have an ongoing maintenance routine with Skegness Butlins .
they really do try and keep a good standard of snooker table , but with many youngsters and young holidaymakers playing they do get torn and misused now and again .
Butlins march 2016 finished job veiw down room
with 16 full size snooker tables there is always something to do on each visit .