Butlins Skegness Lincolnshire ,4 re-covers plus repair other tables with minor issues

The last two days have been spent over in Skegness at Butlins Green baize club
The 16 full size snooker tables have taken a battering since my last visit with 4 of them being out of action when I arrived.

Skegness Butlins is the only Butlins camp left where snooker is free , at Bognor and Minehead you have to pay for table time
This very early 1870s circa table
was only re-covered 6 months ago but it was badly vandalised so had to have a new bed cloth fitted .
we where booked up for March but because Butlins are one of our main clients we quickly arranged for work to be moved to alter 2 days and a Saturday of this month to free a couple of days for these emergency re-covers
I am really grateful for the persons who agreed to move their work back a few days
ashbourne ripped cloth  2x2
The type of torn cloth a result from a badly aimed shot followed by people pulling at it and making it worse.
you can see the point of impact on the slate of the chalk from the tip of the cue , someone showing off or just messing around to see how far back he can screw the cue ball back .
Butlins Artscape Budwieser purple and green water
The other room that we visit at Butlins is Hotshots American pool and Bowling centre , American tables in artscape cloth with the Budweiser logo .
we re-covered these back in December 2014.