Butlins….. new design Budweiser custom Printed Artscape cloths on american pool tables in Hot Shots .

Visited Butlins in Skegness last week for a three to four day stopover to re-cover 6 american 9ft Brunswick pool tables
Rob and Wayne booked me into accommodation for the week of which we are most grateful for .
Rob chose the cloth design again for this years new format of Printed Artscape Budweiser with stars background .
This year he went for three different colours of the same design rather than have all the tables in one colour like last year .
Myself and Steve get stuck into stripping the tables down ready for the new cloth design
I prefer to get the cushion retaining slips out and fit the new cushion cloth first ,
then turn over and strip the staples out before fixing new cloth into place on cushions
this makes for less turning over of the top surrounds.
the cushion cloth also has a pattern that must match up like wall paper to the bed cloth so careful fitting to make sure it all aligns must be done .
once the cushions are done we strip the bed cloth from the slate bed removing all the staples
Speed or cowboy fitters leave most of the old staples in and cover over the top , what the eye cannot see is their motto .
GCL billiards works to a standard and that means every old staple out .
The cloth colours where Purple  / Green and Gold . here is the Purple version , the faded in rings of light is the printed pattern it is made to look like a spot light is shining on it
note the shading goes into the cushion cloths , Artscape pattern cloth is designed like wall paper the cloths are colour coded so we know which cushion and what position on the tbale to fit , so that we get the matching pattern blending into the cushions too .
all 6 tables completed , alternate Green /Purple corner tables and gold in the middle all sporting that Budweiser logo with stars background pattern
a photo with no flash , this really shows up the pattern in the cloth
the tables are getting on a bit now , so next year they may be replaced with 9 supreme winner type tables , Rob is undecided yet
he may get another few years out of these , spares are now getting hard to find for these old tables but we still manage to keep them going .
and these 9ft American pool tables take some hammer in the 12 months that Bultins are open .
Sticky hands ice cream coke and other stains will appear over the coming months , but lets look at these newly re-covered cloths freshly recovered , I always get a buzz out of fitting cloths like these
Butlins march 2016 strip two more tables down.
I also popped into the green baize at Butlins , which has a round 16 full size snooker tables , I fitted some nets and leathers and made a few quick repairs , I am due back in February to carry out some re-covering work in there and other bits and bobs .
Albert who is in charge of the green baize is constantly looking to keep all 16 tables in use , and he regularly phones me up to keep me up to date on repairs required over the year .
as does Wayne for Hot shots .