Burroughs and Watts steel cushioned table re-rubber /re-cover / nets and leathers replaced in Burton on Trent Staffordshire .

I have been over to Burton on Trent for the hottest two days of the year where the temperatures hit 33 deg
The work was re-rubber set of steel cushions and re-cover and also replace the nets and leathers .
united club burton rubber date
quality is one area GCL billiards will not let standards fall , rather than fit lower cost Chinese rubber we always use UK Retford Nottinghamshire based Northern rubber
which is regarded as the best Billiard table rubber in the world .
united club burton angle middle 2 untied club burton angle undercut 1
two angles a middle angle and a corner angle , these where exact copy of pocket openings of the original table , having manufactured on site a cardboard template to reproduce the same opening as before but maybe with a slight opening up of the rear .
You may notice the smooth rounded rasped and sanded finish to the rubber , no rough cut sharp angles but a nice smooth entry to the undercut of the rubber .
Steel cushions are not easy to do , they weigh so much more than a standard wooden cushion , and are not easy to handle .
united club burton cloth on cush angle
The cushion in the process of being re-clothed ,  this is also a fine art to forming the cloth around the corner and middle angles without wrinkles and creases .
united club burton slate bed cleaned
the 5 section 2 inch thick Welsh slate bed , this has to be cleaned of all old chalk dust and compacted spot dust .
also the area around the bottom cushion has a tendency to accumulate a lot of dust as brushing directs it down to that end , this also compounds and solidifies forming a ramp of compact dust
hence why some balls can come off the bottom cushion and jump upwards and banging back down around 6 inch from the bottom cushion .
this is one reason along with others that you may experience ball lift up at rebound .
united club burton cloth on line
Bed cloth fitted Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz grade , the line is to mark the spot locations out upwards from end of slate.
united club burton bed cloth stamp
the transfer on the underside of the cloth
unityed club burton cushions going on alignment
aligning the cushions back on , the pocket openings have to be spot on for steel cushions to align the rear woodwork , if they are out of alignment the wood will not bolt back on .
you have to align the bolt holes in cushion woodwork and end pocket alignment which is a rather tricky job .
Click on any photo for a close up .
United club burton almost finished
almost finished , Frank inspecting the table .
our clients where delighted with the work and the way we went about it .
this two table club I have visited many times in the past 40 years . they know me very well and can trust me to carry out work to high standard .
after working in 33 deg temperatures I was very hot by the time I got Home lucky for me that I used to keep Koi Carp a few years ago but for the last 8 years it has become a salt water plunge pool
in pool back garden