Burroughs and watts steel block full size for sale near Windsor ….Offers due to house sale .

We have a client who wishes to sell their Burroughs and watts steel cushioned full size snooker table
this table having the large turned fluted leg design , circa 1920 /30
The table is located near Windsor .
please have a look at the following photo’s
the Table is only being sold because of a house sale .
the owners are looking to move very soon so they are willing to listen to any offers !
Gordon Miles B&WATTS
Large bulbous legs which have the flutes in them .
Gordon miles B&W badge steel
This table has Steel plated cushions , normally described in the billiards trade as Steel blocks , these where invented around 1895 and used by Burroughs and watts right up to the 1960’s when they where bought out by Riley .
gordon miles B&W accesoeies inc iron
Included in the sale is all the accessories that are displayed on the table including the Iron.
Gordon miles scoreboard
and the Scoreboard .
for information about the seller please contact Geoff at …. c.large@btinternet.com and he will put you in touch with the seller .
I have been told the table needs to be sold quickly has they have a move date which is very soon , so they are willing to listen to offers , the best offer may just get it .
Removal of the table is at the buyers expense and GCL billiards would be happy to quote you for this work .