BAD Weather stops play for some …some job’s may be cancelled due to weather conditions and travel .

Due to the beast from the east and clashing with a low pressure arriving from the south we are expecting some severe weather conditions to hit the UK this week .
6 inch fell last night alone where I live .

Parts of the country will be getting much more than this and main roads will become very dangerous , especially for a large van .

and having just bought a brand new van I am reluctant to risk damage to it or myself if the weather turns bad and restricts traveling .
it is also noted that any red warning area s the van insurance is null and void if I take it out on a day with a red warning in that area.
and insurance company will also frown upon amber warnings too , if they can prove I was negligent , or irresponsible of conditions .
I have had to cancel a few local job’s this week , just a few miles up the road Eastwards from Nottingham towards Lincoln and it get’s very scary to travel .
So if you have a job booked in with us for next week , it may be OK and still on , but then again it may be cancelled , we can only go day by day to see if things get better .
IF cancelled this is where it gets tricky to get you booked back in as we are booked out until mid April .
People who have booked are very reluctant to move over to let a cancelled job back in quick .
I will of course try and rework you in as quick as possible ,  if you are unfortunate that the weather and travel conditions meant a cancellation .
Weather and Sickness are out of my control I’m afraid .

Geoff Large
NBSA approved billiards fitter
GCL billiards