Back to work tomorrow from our holiday , but we may find ourselves in Lock down again !

Well back to work after our break in Devon , lucky for us it was a very good week for sunshine and high temperatures for September .
What does the future hold for us this  next week , well we are fully booked out with work at home on cushions .
so not much traveling to do or mixing with people .

It is down to what the government do next week ,  with lock down being touted as a possibility again .
Tuesday 22nd of September , seems to be a big announcement day according to Boris’s advisers  .
It may be we will have a full UK lockdown again after Tuesday ? ….. or at least part of UK in total lockdown , the most infected area’s .
we will just have to play it day by day , it may effect some bookings we have in , which may have to be cancelled and rebooked in after any restrictions imposed .
But as I said we will have to see day by day what those restrictions are , at the moment we are planning to complete any booked in work as scheduled .
but with high fine’s of up to £10.000  being imposed on being caught out under any lock down or restrictions we have to abide by the law .
It was always going to have an increase of infection  , as restrictions where relaxed , not a lot of people have taken it seriously and have mixed too much which is causing this second corona virus spike .
and I see not too many bars and pub’s where wiping tables down between customers   , I witnessed this this even on Holiday .
We carried our own wipes and hand gel sanitiser with us on Holiday ad wore masks when we where mixing in close enclosed quarters  , as I also suspected the bars and pubs to have watered down their own sanitiser to reduce costs .
Hopefully it will not effect us going forward and I get to fulfil those orders in October I have taken on .