Back to the grind of work after a weeks Holiday in the Sun , three new Rental sites and other news.

I am back to work and with 152 emails since I am away , I have been busy today looking at the different enquiries from re-covers to table repairs and tables for sale to list
with a nice couple of tables to be listed very soon a rare to find three section slate bed K& Hillman in Sussex , and an old what look like Orme and sons tulip legged full size in Derby
We have plenty of work to last us well into november but we do have spare days so please get in touch .
I am pleased to say we are increasing our pool table rentals by another three sites this month , so it looks like I may have to order another batch of pool tables very soon to replace our reserve stock of tables for hire.
Arches photo 2 pool tables
as always we hire out to  you the most sought after table to play Pool on , the Heywood Supreme Winner 7×4 coin operated tables in Black with green Strachan 6811 cloth  which is our prefered choice of cabinet and cloth colour finish .
THE CHOICE OF PROFESSIONAL POOL PLAYERS and we do sometime have to wait for deliveries of these tables such is the demand for these tables here in the UK , but we try and keep some on order at all times to limit the waiting