Back to Butlins this next week for American Pool table Recovering work in Skegness.

GCL Billiards have again been allocated the work at Skegness Butlins Hotshots american Pool Hall for the coming week starting Sunday 24th November 2013 .
We got the contract last year to recover the tables in Butlins own Special designed logo cloth of red stars with the Butlins log across the middle pockets .
Butlins artscape 1
the Artscape cloth has matching pattern cushion cloth which have to be placed on the cushion to match up with the pattern on the bed cloth , so it is just like matching pattern wallpaper  .
Butlins artscape 2
Artscape can do many designs some standard designs and also custom logo designs , they even do football club logo’s in the cloth , but you have to have the permission of the football club for it’s use of logo rights .
Many thanks to Rob & Wayne at Skegness Butlins for trusting GCL Billiards to carry out the work to a High standard , not rushed and many snags sorted out on the tables too , as you can expect with holiday Camps that are open 11 months of the year , these tables get some heavy traffic , and it is not uncommon to find some damage when we strip down the tables .
Geoff has been maintaining these tables for a few years now both for his  firm GCL Billiards and when he was an employee before he went self employed.
Rob & Wayne can rest assured that Geoff will always find a way of keeping these 1980s American Brunswick’s in playing condition ready for another season at Butlins.