Back from Holiday , January already booked up

After our two week break in the Canaries

We are back to work , I have a few table moves this month along with a American pool , snooker and UK pool re-clothing too .
I am now taking bookings for February and March .
So if you require tables moved , or essential re-clothing and re-rubber , nets and leathers or new pockets
then GCL billiards is the Cue sports firm with the vast 47 year personal experience to do this type of work .
Geoff Large with over 47 personal years billiards fitting is the man to trust to work on your table .
Geoff will not only re-cloth but will look at the last work done and improve on it if possible .
some of the work we do .

Re-rubber and pocket opening adjustments .
Table assemble installations , dismantles .
we also do American pool tables
America and UK pool tables
we also re-rubber or replace exchange sets of pool table cushions
old hard rubber taken off and new superior black rubber replacement , if wood is too worn we will search for new cushions for you as replacements , we never rubber rotten worn out wood .
we offer a range of colours and nap or no nap speed cloth grades and different manufacturers , Hainsworth and Strachan which is our two normal top two manufacturers , we avoid fitting low cost Chinese badly made or grade of cloths or the Euro cloths .
We try to use mostly UK made products .
But we must now state that the best rubber UK made Northern rubber is sourced from Indonesia and now manufactured in Indonesia using the same recipe as used in the UK .