Away until beginning of june on Holiday break , next 14 days unavailable to answer calls and emails .

Sorry for any inconvenience if you are trying to book me at the moment
but I will not be available until June the 1st to take any more work in as bookings .
this is only 14 days that I will not be able to reply to emails or telephone calls .

I am Working on my house improvements until Friday 21st May then off to Brixham in Devon for a week , so not contactable until June 1st .
My daughter and the dogs are staying at home but she will not answer any emails or office  telephone calls until June 1st .
we have booking well into June and only have a few days in June available at the end of that month .
If you wish to book GCL Billiards for July please make contact after June 1st .
Due to Covid we are now finding ourselves very busy fitting and re-clothing tables in the many home bars and garage conversions .
this will cause some disappointment in thinking we can just drop everything and come to do your table , if we are booked out there is nothing I can do about it .
once a booking is taken it is honoured .
we are a small firm and do not have subcontract fitters working for us , I am the only  fitter of GCL billiards and I only have one pair of hands .

But I do know a few other fitters dotted around the country that MAYBE could fit you in if urgent and will pass their details onto you if asked , but please note GCL billiards is worth waiting for .
with 45 years personal time served years behind me , you can be assured you are getting a professional work ethics .
on both Snooker and Pool tables .

Brixham Harbour