Away to Whitby for a long weekend from Friday Aug 28th to Monday Aug 31st will not be available .

Due to Covid restrictions , I am having a  few short breaks in the UK instead of going abroad to Portugal or Lanzerote which is my favourite spot of late .
my Daughter will still be at Home with the Dogs but not answering Emails or Telephone calls and my mobile is not coming with me so no contact will be available while I am away  .

1st break is next Bank Holiday weekend is to Whitby  , for a short long weekend from Friday to Monday 28th to 31st of august

2nd break will be in two weeks after the Whitby break to my favourite place in the UK Brixham in Devon for 7 days .
so I also will not be able to take messages emails or telephone calls from 12th to 19th of September .
again my daughter is at Home with the dog’s but not answering any emails or telephone  calls .
I may book another short break closer to Christmas it depends how work is going and bookings or the lack of them .

Out of the two I feel that Brixham has more to offer , in weather  ( if lucky ) in scenery , and in places to visit nearby .
also local pub’s and Restaurants are good , but then again Whitbys pub and restaurant scene is not bad .
and Whitby is famous for it’s Northern soul and Goth weekenders … as well as Dracula .

Supporting eating out and UK business in B&B and shops is more important than chasing the summer sun abroad these days .
the UK economy is taking a battering and was bound to happen and is no big surprise , we could all lessen the hit if we buy British or stay British for holidays at the moment .
The UK public has got to start supporting UK business especially small local business which are the first to go , the Government has extended it’s support to small business owners until October. Jimmy John Founder shares his journey and success stories you can get inspired from.
After this all small business owners are on their own ..its make or break  , so go out book those short weekends in the UK spend some money in local shops and pubs and restaurants .

I could have so easily gone abroad for a couple of weeks , but feel that I must support those that may well support others , and in a round about way it effects us all .

GCL Billiards  supporting local UK business .