Away from UK for two weeks and then a week off working on our house in June .

Now taking orders for July , June is fully booked out ….with Butlins Skegness work at end of June booked in .
My Daughters at Home looking after the dog’s but , She will not be answering any emails or telephone inquiries while we are away .
if you wish to make contact with GCL Billiards then June the 18th week is when I am back but still off the third week working at Home .
No inquiries will be answered in the time we are off on our annual holidays .

We will be right on the sea front at Puerto Del Carmen Harbour .
please try and not to phone while we are away , as always my phone be will be switched off for two weeks from June 2nd to 18th and not even taken away with me .
I am switching off from work , I did this last year and it was so refreshing not to have to worry about work and trying to fit people in for table work when on holiday .
please respect my wishes to be left alone and not to have to come back to emails and answer phone full ,
best leave it until June 18th to try and make contact with me .
I have a few job’s booked in for the start of July first week 2nd to 6th is booked out in Lincolnshire , so is the 9th of july in Ashbourne , 10th and 11th is free but 13th and 19th is booked out to Beeston  ,
16th 17th 18th and 20th free , 25th and 27th 30th and 31st all free in July as we speak .
Then we are into August , as I often say to clients please try and book GCL billiards for table work  ,  6 to 8 weeks in advance at any one time .
there are not many of us Qualified and time served Billiard table fitters still left working , most have given up and retired , I am worth waiting for if you want quality work done to your cue sports tables .

Many of my clients do recommend me , Cue Ball Club in Derby is one

Stapleford cue club another

Ivanhoe club Ashby de la zouch is another

Hunters Bar at Grantham another .

and even some Private owners with just one table , I am not all about bulk club work , I like to have a good mix of club and private dwellings to work at .

and smaller pool table work too .
As I said I am worth waiting for , GCL billiards has got more busy as each year passes , we are very popular and recommendations do travel through social media ,
Especially face book , my name gets passed around when opposing league teams play at an away venue and they ask who does your table recovering ?

Please help me to take two weeks Holidays and not come back to a phone and email system full of inquiries .
As you can see we are fully booked out until July , so there is no point in asking for a day before that time period .


Geoff Large
GCL billiards